It starts with a powerful platform.

Our CentraLine ARENA NX supervisor is based on the world-leading Niagara integration platform – designed from the ground up to support integration scenarios across all trades in your building.

System benefits

Ready for building automation protocols

Our supervisor can handle standard protocols for building automation, including BACnet, LONWORKS, OPC, SNMP, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX and ObiX.

Integrates with intrusion and access control

We also support integration with intrusion detection and access control systems such as Honeywell Galaxy and fire panels like Notifier.

Built for modular flexibility and connectivity

We make it easy and cost-efficient to add or change systems over time, for greater connectivity and harmonized interfaces for your operators.

Plays well with Honeywell legacy installations

As you integrate new functions into your platform, we’ll support your legacy systems – to protect past investments and prepare for new ones.

Accessible on any mobile device

No longer tied to the control room, operators can receive updates and alerts, and override schedules and points, on their phone or tablet.

Fiercely defends systems from cyberattacks

We support advanced security features such as encrypted connections to protect your building systems from cyberattacks.

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Energy management

We make it easy to automatically monitor and adjust your building’s energy flow with meters, integrating supervisor and analytic tools.

Third-party integration

Our open-protocol interface connects easily with hotel reservation systems, weather forecasting stations and other third-party options.

Legacy integration

We can simplify the integration of your legacy systems with current and future solutions, always with a goal of protecting your investments.

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