Give rooms enough data to control themselves.

Our BMS can interface directly with leading room reservation systems such as Fidelio. It can also access present and forecasted data from Internet weather providers. With this data, your rooms can adjust automatically.

System benefits


Fully leveraged occupancy data

Through integration, your BMS will know when rooms are booked (reserved), when you expect guests to check in and when they’re in their room.


Optimized comfort, minimized energy use

If a room is unoccupied, HVAC turns off, blinds adjust. As check-in approaches, “standby” mode begins. At check-in, HVAC and blinds are engaged.


More affordable and accurate predictions

Weather station interfaces can be costly and less accurate. Through Niagara-based products, we can directly access Internet weather providers.


Control algorithms to direct energy usage

Control algorithms use collected temperature, humidity, rain and cloudiness data for greater energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

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