Become an architect of flexible integration.

Whatever scenarios you’re facing now, or anticipate in the future, we want to simplify the integration of your legacy systems with any additional solutions. Always with an eye toward protecting your investments.

System benefits

Add a supervisor to a C-Bus

Our ARENA BMS supervisor and C-Bus driver ensure that trending, alarming, graphic front-ends, web access, etc. work with C-Bus controllers. 

Web enable a C-Bus system 

Our supervisors with integrated web servers give you web access to schedule and point access, trending, alarming, graphics, parameters and more.

Extend facilities into new areas

We’ll connect your BACnet and C-Bus to a CentraLine ARENA BMS supervisor, so you can manage both systems with a single, consistent view.

Exchange BACnet and C-Bus data

If you refurbish your facility with a modern BACnet control system and need to exchange data points with your C-Bus system, we’ll connect them.

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Our unified supervisor platform can greatly reduce the complexities of managing your building systems and help eliminate operating errors. 

Third-party integration

Our open-protocol interface connects easily with hotel reservation systems, weather forecasting stations and other third-party options.

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