The harmony of intelligent lighting controls

Our DALI64 lighting control system with an industry-leading embedded multi-sensor can reduce your energy costs and increase productivity. To this end, it teaches your building to turn on lights only when and where they are actually needed. It also teaches your building to anticipate maintenance problems.

System benefits

Greater well-being and productivity 

Our human-centric lighting can control luminaire color temperature to match people’s natural circadian rhythms for more productive settings.

Lower energy costs 

You can see substantial savings with our SMART building analysis of space optimization and real-time energy management and maintenance.

Greater staff optimization

Data will reveal the fluctuations in your building occupancy so you can create a cleaning roster that saves staff time and money.

Enhanced space optimization

Reports will show how frequently meeting rooms and other spaces are used, so you can optimize and possibly reduce your space needs.


Reduced maintenance costs

Being able to review feedback status and running hours will help you predict maintenance schedules and minimize occupant disruption.

Optimized start and stop times

You’ll have historical occupancy data at your fingertips (in accordance with class A of the EN 15232) to predict optimal start and stop times.

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