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    GT40 Communications Module

    GT40 Communications Modules are fully compliant communications solutions developed for the Galaxy® Dimension series of intruder alarm systems


    The advantages of GPRS communications signaling are numerous. GPRS is perfect for systems where a signaling path is required in areas with little or no infrastructure (e.g. Holiday home, remote power stations etc.). It offers a reliable secondary signaling path should the primary (PSTN/IP) line be disconnected so even if the PSTN line has been sabotaged, GPRS will not be impacted as it uses a protected radio frequency to find the strongest signal path to ensure successful signal transmission. Further assurance is provided via frequent line polling of the IP/GPRS signal path. Cost savings are also possible. For Security Grade 3 systems, using the ATS-6 approved and GT-40 modules requires only a primary signaling path, eliminating the costs associated with managing a secondary PSTN/IP path. The modules also enable the use of dynamic public IP addresses which are typically lower cost than fixed IP addresses. End users are increasing looking to capitalize on their existing IT infrastructures and benefit from cost and resource efficiencies when implementing new building systems. Communications signaling in security systems can easily take advantage of existing infrastructures with IP and GPRS communications. The GT-20 and GT-40 modules provide reliable alarm signaling and remote servicing facilities over IP/ Ethernet LAN and/or WAN and GPRS. Easy to install, configure and use, these compact modules connect directly to the Galaxy Dimension panel using the RS485 data bus and can be programmed via the panel using the Galaxy user interfaces. The modules can also be programmed remotely from the Galaxy Remote Servicing Suite (RSS) software. Installers need virtually no IT knowledge to install a GT-20 or GT-40 solution and with excellent diagnostics features, faults are quickly and easily resolved while programming the module. For even greater installer convenience, remote diagnostics and servicing can be carried out using the RSS software. Full panel configuration from the RSS software is supported via the modules

    Features & Benefits:
    • Direct & Remote Programming
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Powerful diagnostics
    • Reliable Technology
    • Multiple communications options Via GPRS and Ethernet
    • Compatible on all Galaxy Dimension control panels V6.75 and above
    • Full compliance with EN Standards
    • The GT-20 and GT-40 modules can be programmed using the Galaxy Remote Servicing Suite
    • EN50131-1
    • EN50136
    • ATS 6