Honeywell helps data centers become more safe, resilient, and efficient

    Over 100 years ago, we defined energy efficiency by making indoor comfort automatic. Today, we redefine it in millions of buildings around the world. Honeywell develops and delivers technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy,


    of the global data center rely on Honeywell

    17 million 

    buildings around the globe use Honeywell Products 

    We are part of your community:

    970 Offices

    in 118 countries

    Global & local reporting tech around the globe:

    Data from 10 million

    buildings model our predictive analytics

    Our advanced gas and smoke detection can identify issues over 40% faster than traditional technologies

    Our operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions protect the critical infrastructure of over 5000 sites


    security can reduce the risk of unwanted intruders

    Building serviced by Honeywell are experiencing up to 99.99% uptime

    Condition-based maintenance reduces operational cost by up to 20% and minimizes downtime by recognizing potential issues earlier

    Integrated systems with established SOPs will help reduce human error associated with equipment downtime

    Custome in United States have saved over $6 Billion in energy and operational savings

    100 Years ago, our thermostats defined energy efficiency by making indoor comfort automatic

    Connected buildings can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%

    Up to a 50% Reduction in asset run time with connected buildings

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