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    Our goal is to enable our customers and partners to build on their expertise while building their business with the latest training opportunities.

    Open new doors

    Our training offerings are developed and delivered by Honeywell industry experts. We employ comprehensive learning techniques and technologies to ensure your teams can maximize their capabilities. We look forward to enabling your success as you shape the future. Please visit My Honeywell Buildings University to self-register and explore the range of training.

    Types of training

    Engineering certifications

    Become certified to engineer solutions that unleash the full potential of a building through Honeywell Building Technologies.

    End user awareness 

    Discover Honeywell solutions, and maximize the benefit of your Honeywell system, enabling you to take control of your building’s performance every day.

    Sales professionals

    Understand the potential of Honeywell Building Technologies and learn how to delight your customers through solution selling to exceed their expectations. 

    Methods of training


    Learn with our team of Honeywell professional trainers. Interactive training face-to-face or via our virtual classroom offerings. Either way, our commitment is to create a learning experience that exceeds your expectations. 


    Learn at your own pace through our extensive range of on-demand training programs all available 24/7. Through knowledge verification, learning outcomes are achieved. Create your own learning path to match your required outcomes. 

    Blended learning

    Through our continuous development program you're provided an ongoing learning experience outside of the classroom. New training is produced throughout the Honeywell solution lifecycle, allowing you to keep up-to-date with the latest releases, features, benefits and engineering tips. 

    Supporting Honeywell brands

    Our training is provided across Honeywell Building Technologies more information on brands please use the links below.

    Complex building systems, optimized

    Automation systems that regulate climate control and can integrate with fire, life safety and access management.


    Integrated building management

    Our cross-system integration connects IoT technologies to most existing software, making building operations more convenient.


    Intelligent lighting control solutions

    A lighting regime with timed schedules can give you more control without compromising comfort or a building’s performance ecosystem.


    Working under pressure is what we do

    Our innovative pressure and temperature technology is designed for reliability. Which takes some of the pressure off you.


    The next level of HVAC efficiency

    Optimize building operations affordably by customizing control processes, sharing information across departments and improving response time.

    Honeywell BMS

    See it. Save it. Prove it. 

    Enacto Energy Management is the cloud-based platform for analyzing and optimising energy and minimising carbon. Develop a top-to-bottom, enterprise-wide energy management solution that’s scalable and cost effective.  

    Facility Optimization

    Energy solutions for hospitality

    INNCOM systems for hospitality help save 25-40% in guest room HVAC energy costs while maintaining room comfort and control.


    Multiple locations managed centrally

    Retail organizations can use solutions and services to substantially improve operational efficiency and reduce energy use.


    When medical safety is on the line

    Precision airflow control systems that help manage critical environments for patient and employee safety.

    Phoenix Controls

    Flexible automation solutions

    Make it easier to design, engineer and control infrastructure and building management systems that adjust to your requirements.


    Smart building management systems

    Optimize energy consumption, track CO2 emissions and maintain consistent comfort by controlling and monitoring HVAC systems.


    ComfortPoint ™ Open and Niagara

    HVAC and Building Management Solutions Installation & Service


    MK by Honeywell

    A U.K. leader in electrical wiring accessories, we innovate in sustainable development and can help you adapt to a changing marketplace.

    MK by Honeywell

    Honeywell PEHA

    We build versatile switches and building automation systems, working with you on even the most demanding electrical installations.


    Alerts spread faster than fires

    Integrated VdS-certified fire and voice alarm systems suitable for demanding, complex installations. Availability: European Union, Russia, Ukraine, META, India, China.


    Systems designed to outsmart fires

    Farenhyt Series gives turnkey solutions for fire protection, emergency communications and CO2 detection. Accessories match facility size.

    Farenhyt Series

    Fires don’t announce themselves

    Addressable control panels and synchronized power supplies with innovative features including annunciators and voice evacuation.

    Fire-Lite Alarms

    Protect people and assets

    Conventional and addressable fire safety and lighting systems, heat detectors, manual call points, smoke detectors and combo units.


    Get exceptional reaction times

    Improve detection of fires that involve synthetic materials, using fire alarms that include touch-screen control panels.


    Innovative response to a fire threat

    Advanced technology for fire detection, alarm systems, voice alarms and PA, with a strong partner network in the UK and Middle East. Availability: UK, Spain, META


    For the dual threat of fire and gas

    Honeywell Industrial Fire Solutions deliver specialized SIL-certified fire and gas detection with expertise in chemical, oil and energy industries.

    Industrial Fire

    Fast detection for fast evacuation

    Fire detection and alarm controls integrated with flexible PA systems and voice alarms for low-complexity building requirements. Availability: UK, Spain, Germany, BENELUX, META, LAR

    Morley - IAS

    Guide safely with sight and sound

    Our addressable fire alarm systems connect with System Sensor® and Hochiki® devices and scale to work with future detection and output tech.

    Silent Knight

    Safe evacuations in broad situations

    Call point and audio visual alarms that support diverse industries, including hazardous areas, marine environments and voltage applications.


    Alert quickly, evacuate efficiently

    Emergency communication and mass notification software ensure warnings reach the right people and hasten evacuation. Availability: USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxmbourg, Sweden, META


    Detect fires from many directions

    Fire safety devices, including smoke and carbon monoxide detection, HVAC and sprinkler monitoring, and audible/visible notifications.

    System Sensor

    Smoke alerts before you see smoke

    Aspirating smoke detectors give people time to respond before compromising life safety, critical infrastructure or business continuity.


    Honeywell Security

    Explore advanced video surveillance, building management and access control solutions that seamlessly integrate with other systems and devices.


    People Management

    Keep your staff, visitors and facility safe with our enterprise-wide people management solution that keeps you in the know at all times.


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