Commercial Buildings
    Commercial Buildings

    Until we can predict the future, be prepared for it.

    As you adapt to new realities, leveraging secure, reliable data is critical – to your building’s resilience, business continuity and unpredictable occupancy levels.


    We know how big your building challenges are. So we’ve created solutions that are just as big.

    Key products

    Our sophisticated technology results in outstanding performance for your infrastructure, buildings and people.

    Enhance visibility into all your connected systems.

    Pro-Watch protects assets, optimizes productivity, and ensures compliance. You can monitor video, access and alerts from a single interface.


    Don't let hackers keep you up at night.

    Our cybersecurity solutions help you build resilience and reduce operational technology (OT) risks, while supporting business uptime.


    Our sophisticated technology results in outstanding performance for your infrastructure, buildings and people.

    Flexible automation solutions

    Make it easier to design, engineer and control infrastructure and building management systems that adjust to your requirements.  


    Integrated building management

    Our cross-system integration connects IoT technologies to most existing software, making building operations more convenient.


    Smart building management systems

    Optimize energy consumption, track CO2 emissions and maintain consistent comfort by controlling and monitoring HVAC systems.


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    When systems work together, everything’s streamlined.

    Building automation solutions help make your building’s systems – heating, ventilation, electrical, lighting, security and safety – work in tandem for optimal results and savings.

    Be part of the sustainability solution.

    We’ve made an ongoing commitment to the environment. So we’re always innovating, creating new products and processes that protect our planet. And your bottom line.

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