Switch to resilient safety.

We’re here to help you find cost-effective ways to protect your critical infrastructure and choose building technologies that help optimize uptime, safety and sustainability.

New solutions for emerging challenges

We continue to create new products and partnerships to address the expanding needs of your data center, from automation controllers to full-scale integration.

Data center offerings


Translate data from nearly any device or system with our monitoring, control and automation systems. Use our platform to develop and deploy connected products and applications.

Honeywell Forge

Through Forge, we can digitally transform your center. We’ll merge operational data to enable remote and autonomous operations – for greater productivity and sustainability.


Identify danger sooner and react faster with our very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems, including VESDA, the global leader in ASD.


We’re a world leader in connected life safety solutions – with fire detection and alarm systems that deliver faster alerts and more efficient evacuations.


Pro-Watch protects people and property, optimizes productivity and ensures compliance. You can monitor video, access control and intrusion detection through a single user interface.

Li-ion Tamer®

Make green power safe power by detecting off gas and preventing thermal runaway. Our Lithium-ion batteries are key in the transition to smarter, more efficient power grids.


Optimize your complex infrastructure with our building energy management systems. We use IoT technology to make your systems smarter, more sustainable and cybersecure.


SAIA Burgess Controls

If it can be measured, controlled or regulated, our programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can help automate it — with an open design you can reprogram any time, on demand.


ControlEdge HC900

Customize your thermal automation with our cost-effective advanced process and logic controller. Its modular, scalable design works with a wide range of process equipment.


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