Occupancy Sensors

    DALI Network Sensor

    DALI Network Sensor features motion detection (PIR) and ambient light level detection (PE) in one device

    DALINET is a bus powered sensor designed for extend the detection area when used with a DALI64 sensor.
    The sensor uses the DALI protocol for power and communications to a network control system, eliminating the need for additional network field wiring. Features & Benefits:
    • Detects the presence or absence of motion and triggers a programmed action
    • The photocell function reads ambient levels and adjusts artificial light accordingly
    • Daylight harvesting when used in conjunction with networked open loop daylight sensor
    • Enables sign-in identification to the networked system
    • Corridor areas with adjacent rooms so corridor remains lit while occupancy is detected in adjacent rooms
    • Directional wallmounting block allows sensors to be easily mounted and directed to the required area
    • CE
    • UKCA
    • RoHS