From design to commissioning, Honeywell is your competitive edge.

    Keeping your unique demands in focus means keeping your building customers happy

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    Your customers have their demands, and you have yours. Here’s how Honeywell meets the needs of contractors and consultants like you.


    Reduce risks, maximize profits and get more value 

    A healthy, safe and secure building is just the beginning. Owners and occupants also envision the ideal building experience for employees and customers.


    All the tools you need to develop your projects

    Make your work easier by finding the latest Honeywell guide specifications, division 25 specification or BIM files.


    Honeywell outperforms their closest competitors when it comes to safety performance

    The safety of our employees, contractors and partners is our top priority. See how Honeywell can likely help reduce the risk of on-site injury.


    Specifications are critical for successful project outcomes

    Honeywell can help you with the terminology used to specify smart building technologies to better achieve end user objectives while moving your projects along more efficiently and effectively.

    Solutions Offered

    In healthcare facilities, airports, and commercial buildings, Honeywell has systems expertise and product solutions with a proven track record. As you help make buildings smarter, you need a master system integrator who can support design, project management, and installation of complex systems, on time and on budget. Click below to find out more.

    Depth and Breadth in Your Industries

    You tackle a variety of projects for different building types and uses. Honeywell provides customized deployment methodologies and a wealth of expertise across the full range of building types. Click below to find out more about solutions for your key customers.

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