Manipal University

    Honeywell Smart Card transforms university security and streamlines access to facilities and funds as a leading higher educational provider in India, the Manipal University required a solution that would enhance security while also providing them with increased access to critical information. Honeywell’s Smart Card technology combined with Temaline™ solutions-based access control system and Digital Video Manager -based CCTV systems, provided the assurance for a centralised security solution.
    State-of-the-art advanced, centralised security solution
    The Customer

    Manipal University is a leading higher education provider in India. Located at Manipal, Karnataka, 62km from Mangalore, Manipal University has over 21,000 students from over 53 countries. The university has branch campuses in Bangalore, Mangalore, Dubai, Malaysia and Antigua. Manipal University has over 21 constituent colleges offering various programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Allied Health Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, Management, Hospitality, Jewellery Design, Mass Communication and Regenerative Medicine.

    The Challenge

    As the leading higher education provider in India, attracting high caliber students from around the globe, ensuring the safety of students, staff and facilities is most critical for Manipal University. Manipal University set challenging objectives for Honeywell to deliver in order to meet the high security and safety expectations at their campus. Specifically, these objectives were:

    1. To streamline access control and ATM banking facilities through the utilisation of a collective, Smart Card
    2. To centralise CCTV and access control across the entire campus via LAN and monitor it for external threats and misbehaviours
    3. To monitor and control the theft of personal belongings on campus
    4. To restrict unauthorised entry and regulate student movement in highly secure areas
    5. To monitor selective areas via CCTV surveillance to identify breach of security incidents
    6. To manage student movement not only throughout the hostels but also throughout the entire campus
    7. To manage entry restriction to oncampus facilities such as the library and sports complex
    8. To manage vehicle movements in and out of and within the confines of the campus
    9. To ensure that any new systems installed were flexible enough to cope with future expansion of the University

    Honeywell was awarded the contract in 2007 due to its outstanding track record of delivering high security solutions in educational institutions and universities across the globe.

    The CCTV and access control integration capabilities of the combined-functionality Honeywell Smart Card together with dedicated customer service support were other winning factors in the successful bid.

    The solution

    Taking all these objectives and challenges into account, Honeywell proposed the prestigious Temaline™ (Tema) solutions-based access control system and Digital Video Manager (DVM)-based CCTV systems, tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

    Access Control System

    Tema with Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) R 310, HID readers, turnstiles, boom barriers, biometric readers.

    CCTV System

    DVM R 200, HSDN and HDC series cameras, Honeywell streamer cards


    Service 360 degree with residential engineer

    The most beneficial customisation of the systems was the design and implementation of the single Smart Card, used for both banking facilities and access control, designed specifically to further bolster security throughout the campus to address the University’s primary challenge.


    With a state-of-the-art advanced, central security system, the University derived the following benefits:

    • Single Smart Card programmed with dual functionality for ATM and access control functions. This user-friendly card enables streamlined access to all university facilities such as canteen, library etc.
    • Complete access control over the campus’ critical areas, restricting unauthorised entry from the customer-side security department
    • Customer-side monitoring and control of student movements throughout the campus, reducing the dependency on foot patrolling security staff and capturing of abnormal incidents
    • 24/7 security surveillance of critical areas, including main entrances and exits via CCTV cameras, enhancing security
    • Due to the new surveillance system, the University noticed a marked improvement in student discipline in its hostel blocks, fostering a culture of better behaviour
    Satisfied they have made the right choice in Honeywell, Manipal University is now an advanced educational provider leading the way securing the welfare of students, staff and campus facilities. On the basis of proven results, the University has already expanded the systems to new campus buildings and will continue to do so as the facility grows.