Annunciators & Keypads

NCA-2 Network Annunciator

Provides access to fire alarm and evacuation system information or network-wide control.


NOTIFIER NCA-2 ia a Network Control Annunciator for the NOTI-FIRE-NET or High Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET networks, compatible for use with ONYX® Series nodes such as the AFP-3030 fire alarm control panels. Additionally, the NCA-2 may be configured with DVC Series products to create one or more Digital Audio Command Centers on NOTI-FIRE-NET or High Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET.

NCA-2 provides system control and display capabilities for all, or for selected network nodes. The large screen allows the operator to view extended information in real time—from the entire network or a single intelligent device.

Features & Benefits:
  • Network-wide: Acknowledge, Silence, Reset, Enable/Disable
  • Network-wide Fire Fan Controls
  • Individual Enable/Disable or Group Enable/Disable local and networked AFP-2800/DVC points and zones.
  • Full supervision of all inputs and network integrity.
  • Enhanced-format 640-character LCD display with backlighting
  • Alphanumeric QWERTY rubber keypad with tactile and audible feedback.
  • Multiple passwords and Access Levels
  • Control and Display of up to 200 nodes
  • AS4428.3:2010
  • ActivFire certificate #afp-2973


  • Brand
    • Notifier


  • Brand
    • Notifier
  • Brand : Notifier