Relay Modules

SD500-ARM Addressable Relay Module

SD500-ARM addressable relay modules add two Form C contacts to the Farenhyt„¢ addressable system.


SD500-ARM addressable relay modules add two Form C contacts to the Farenhyt addressable system. The contacts are rated at 2A at 30V DC or 0.6A at 120V AC. SD500-ARM addressable relay modules allow you to control a wide variety of normally open and normally closed applications, including elevator recall, door closing, fan operation, and auxiliary notification. Because the relay modules are addressable, these applications can be located at any point in the signaling line circuit. SD500-ARM addressable relay modules are compact for adaptability and pleasing aesthetics. Combine this with the features you have come to expect from Silent Knight® fire protection devices easy installation and stable operation and it adds up to a flexible solution for all your fire protection needs.

Features & Benefits:
  • Two sets of Form C contacts: (double-pull/double-throw relays)
  • Contacts are rated at 2A at 30V DC or 06A at 120V AC
  • Up to 127 relays can be used on each SLC loop
  • Relay programming is completely flexible can be mapped to zone conditions
  • Polling LED visible through cover plate
  • UL Listed
  • CSFM
  • MEA 429-92-E, Vol 9
  • FM Approved