Zone Modules

F6001 Control Card

F6001 Control Card gathers and deploys the signals and logic associations relating to fire extinguishing control


F6001 Control Card deploys the inputs and outputs physically located on other cards of the S81 panel using virtual inputs and outputs that are processed, according to pre-configured logics, for extinguishing system control in compliance with regulations Each extinguishing zone needs an F6001 card, whatever the number of its sections, while the physical outputs to operate the extinguishing system actuators, valves, visual/audible alarms Using the inputs and outputs managed by the other cards of the H-S81-HS panel, it enables system compliance with the EN 12094-1 standard. It does not have physical I/O, but uses inputs and commands managed by other cards of the H-S81-HS system

Features & Benefits:
  • It performs the functions of an ECD (electric control and delay device)
  • It is certified by an accredited body to the European C.P.D. Construction Product
  • It allows building fire extinguishing systems certified SIL2 and SIL3 (IEC 61508)
  • LED indication of extinguishing zone status
  • It manages 4 virtual inputs (V-IN) and 10 virtual outputs (V-OUT)
  • 0-60 second extinguishing control delay is configurable at operator level 3 Can be hot-swapped
  • Communication management by FPGA
  • Internal logic management by micro-controller
  • SMD technology multilayer circuit
  • EN 12094-1
  • IEC 61508