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Analogue Fire Detection

The SenTRI System is the most comprehensive life safety system available in the market today. The combination of the powerful software in the control panel and the intelligent loop powered devices delivers a flexible, easy to use system for all building types and sizes.

Conventional Fire Detection

The SMS conventional range of products is designed to meet the requirements of large domestic and small commercial installations as well as provide the ability to upgrade or expand existing conventional systems.

Connected Life Safety Services

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services places connectivity at the heart of fire safety, providing visibility to drive timely and accurate decisions making.

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Honeywell Air Sampling Devices (ASDs) are smoke detectors that actively take air samples from the monitored area and analyse them for the presence of smoke particles.

Central Battery Systems

Central battery systems are intended to energise emergency escape lighting and other essential safety equipment in the case of failure to the normal power supply. SMS offers both AC/AC and AC/DC variants, suitable for most applications.

EVCS and Disabled Refuge

SMS offers two solutions to suit most applications; Compact 9 is ideal for small to medium sized installations which do not require the complexity of a full network solution and a Network 8 System suited for the larger installations requiring 8 to 256 communication points as well as multiple control locations. We also have a very comprehensive range of Emergency Assist Alarm systems.


The SMS Response Paging System offers the latest innovations in wireless paging and monitoring. It is a cost effective and flexible system that offers the ability to quickly respond to activated alarms. The solution consists of a wall mounted transmitter and antennae that can send customised messages to designated pagers that are powerful enough to cover large areas.

Ancillary Devices

SMS’s Ancillary devices complement any fire system. Click here to view our current range.

OSID (Open-area Smoke Detection)

Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID). Provides reliable, cost-effective smoke detection for open spaces where fire detection presents unique challenges and where very early warning is not always the priority.

Flame Detection

The Honeywell conventional flame detection range comprises of 2 families: the FSX range is suitable for industrial type, Zone 1 hazardous area units and the FSL range is more suited to Zone 2 hazardous area units, both are available with UV/IR and IR3 detection technologies.

Both ranges are EN54-10 certified

Voice Alarm and Loudspeakers (PAVA)

Honeywell offers a complete range of voice alarm systems to suit a wide range of sites and applications. The Honeywell voice alarm system is supported by the appropriate EN54 standards and is complemented by a range of certified loudspeakers to ensure the system is both compliant with regulations and will perform reliably. For more information on our voice alarm and loudspeaker range please go to the Honeywell Voice Alarm Website