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Response Plus

The Response Paging System offers the latest innovations in wireless paging and monitoring. It’s a cost effective and flexible system that provides the ability to quickly respond to activated alarms.

Response Aid

The Response Aid Paging System provides an easy-to-use, cost effective solution to support deaf and hard of hearing people in case of a fire emergency. The Response Aid paging unit consists of a wall-mounted HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) enclosure containing a 4 watt transmitter enclosed in an aluminium surround. It includes a 240-volt 3-pin plug, status indicator LED for Power and Transmission, and straight wire antenna, connected to the top of the enclosure using a 3/8 BNC bayonet connection.

Response Pagers

Response Pagers are simple, compact and discreet personal devices for short messages. They're lightweight, comfortable to wear and come with a robust belt/pocket clip. Can be used for Equalities Act notification of a site alarm with simple messaging or for Fire Marshall with full Device Address displayed on the pager.

Rechargeable TFT Display Pager

The rechargeable TFT Display pager is designed for busy staff who rely on instant communication. It Is the most robust pager for your paging system. Save time by automating communications with up to 10 pre-programmable text or image alerts and up to 200 characters per message handling capability.

Response Wrist Watch Pager

The Response wrist watch pager is the ideal solution for people on the move offering greater comfort and flexibility to receiving incoming alerts.

Response Accessories

A supporting range of Response Paging system input buttons in order to create alarms to pagers from different locations. Typical applications include; discrete alarm trigger, first aid alarms, swimming pool alarms etc allowing paging messages to be communicated across a site.