Upgrade the performance of your building’s HVAC system

What is a Smart Building?

Smart buildings use technology to manage the building's operations including heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, shading, energy utilisation, security, even scheduling conference rooms. These processes can be automatically adjusted based on field devices implemented in office spaces. We need smart buildings to increase work efficiency and to provide a productive and comfortable space for people working in.

This is the way CentraLine's Niagara eXtended building management system enables to integrate various hardware systems, software and services and controlling HVAC, lights and blinds as 1 system over a Single-Tool (ARENA NX Supervisor) which supports to achieve high energy cost reductions and increased productivity of room occupants.

Smart Solutions

"Smart, sustainable and flexible buildings not only require advanced Building Management Systems, they also need to be intelligently designed and properly implemented. 

It is not just a matter of delivering today’s tech – there needs to be a clear and cost-effective upgrade path. The implementation needs to be properly planned from the outset of a project. This requires specialist knowledge and access to best-in-class hardware and software. Their ultimate success is dependent on the effective incorporation of forward-thinking system integrators, both pre- and post-occupancy. It’s only when the system’s design team is fully involved in the wider project that the greatest benefit can be delivered."


Upgrade the performance and promote energy-efficiency of your building’s HVAC system with range of AHU solutions networked with main Plant androom/zone controllers and lighting control systems. The integration of EAC/UV filters, PIR and luminosity sensors and wall modules with integrated CO2/Humidity/Temperature Sensors create safe, productive and comfortable environments for maximum user productivity. The single interface to the building system makes managing energy easier and helps to better understand the building use, as well as lower downtimes through predictive maintenance.

Benefits for Your Building

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