Safe school basics

CentraLine solutions work to help meet indoor air standards in your school buildings as you navigate the inherent uncertainties in a hybrid-study strategy. Our approach focuses on comfort and health protection. That doesn't mean you needed to compromise on sustainability, productivity or operational efficiency.

Healthy Budling Solution

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensor

  • Measure comfort conditions, i.e. temperature, humidity, CO2.
  • Measure air quality, i.e TVOC and finest particulate matter PM2.5.
  • Improve ventilation strategy to manage air filtration, air pressure and air flow.

Healthy Buildings Dashboards

  • Compliance is a significant factor when it comes to sustaining healthier buildings.
  • It can help drive business continuity, minimize risk, decrease cost and reassure occupants that a building is safer.
  • Policies and standard operating procedures will also evolve as we learn and adapt in the new normal.

Smart solutions to help your buildings advance learning

What do your buildings need? Maybe it’s technology that turns buildings into more efficient assets, leading to easier management of the facility and precise monitoring of how building occupants and users interact with their education estate.

Take back control over your building and start the path to create cost-effective ways to improve the indoor temperature and lighting leading to a better learning environment and more sustainable, energy efficient educational premises.

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