The foundation to greater comfort

Do you want building systems that are easier to manage? More efficient climate controls? Better data for decision-making? We can help you achieve your goals. And make people more comfortable.

It starts with comfort and extends to efficient operations

Our building management systems are modular, allowing you to integrate at your own pace. The more you do, the better you can leverage data to help predict problems and create greater efficiencies throughout your building.

Simplification through innovation

Systems built around your life

Now it’s easier to evaluate data in near real time.  Or detect issues before they become big problems.  Whether you’re on-site or on your smartphone.

Compatibility with current equipment

We can work with most hardware and technology brands that you currently have or plan to buy, helping to minimize costs and work disruption.

Accessible, cloud-connected solutions

You can access building management system data from almost anywhere, and use dashboards and other controls to help streamline energy operations.

Protocols that play well with others

When you connect building management systems to existing infrastructure, you want it to be easy. We accomplish that by relying on open protocols.

Featured offerings

Our broad range of brands varies by location and compatibility. We'll help choose the right products for your needs.

Complex building systems optimized

Automation systems that regulate climate control and can integrate with fire, life safety and access management.


Integrated building management

User convenience for your building’s operations. Our cross-system integration uses IoT technologies and connects to most existing software.

Central line

Intelligent lighting control solutions

A lighting regime with timed schedules can give you more control without compromising comfort or a building’s performance ecosystem.


The next level of HVAC efficiency

Optimize building operations affordably by customizing control processes, sharing information across departments and improving response time.


Energy solutions for hospitality

INNCOM systems for hospitality help save 25-40% in guest room HVAC energy costs while maintaining room comfort and control.


Multiple locations managed centrally

Retail organizations can use solutions and services to substantially improve operational efficiency and reduce energy use.


When medical safety is on the line

Precision airflow control systems that help manage critical environments for patient and employee safety.

Phoenix Controls

Flexible automation solutions

Make it easier to design, engineer and control infrastructure and building management systems that adjust to your requirements.


Smart building management systems

Optimize energy consumption, track CO2 emissions and maintain consistent comfort by controlling and monitoring HVAC systems.


Take comfort knowing your systems are more secure

Breaches, hacks, malware — we understand how much they concern you. It’s why we incorporate cybersecurity and privacy features into the processes, products and software we develop. Are you ready to learn how to make your building smarter and safer?