When your systems work together, your teams can too

    Integrating building systems with Command and Control Suite means improved operational response and reduced risk of business interruption

    Take control with greater intel

    Manage complex critical infrastructure using intuitive map-based navigation makes critical information easier to access and incident workflows support standard operation procedures for more efficiency responses.

    Gain better outcomes with Honeywell Command and Control Suite

    Improve operational efficiency with system  integration

    Enhance productivity and situational awareness with easy-to-access information. Lower the risk of disruption without increasing operational cost. 

    Respond faster to threats with a more intuitive interface

    Map-driven displays provide on-screen access to security videos, enterprise dashboards  and other vital process information needed in an emergency. 

    Reduce your risks of downtime with a single source of truth

    Manage your technology, processes and people all in one place for coordinated maintenance and remote oversight. 

    Open integration framework for freedom of choice

    The open systems, vendor-agnostic nature of CCS means facility operators are not locked into specific equipment or system requirements, providing them with the option to adapt with their facility’s evolving requirements and security needs. Should an existing interface not already be in place, APIs and SDKs are made available to vendors to leverage one of the open-systems integration protocols for rapid integration.

    Smooth operations at your fingertips


    Discover better outcomes when systems work together

    Integrate multiple domains including building management systems, fire and life safety, security and third-party systems and equipment in an open, IoT platform.


    An agnostic solution to total integration

    Leverage a suite of capabilities to automate complex workflows; optimize energy use, safety and occupant experiences; and gain the analytical insights to deliver savings throughout your enterprise.


    Get a clearer picture of your facility​

    Improve the security of your site with a complete video system that is designed to integrate new technologies such as the latest IP cameras, video analytics, and encryption – so you can more effectively maintain vigilance and mitigate risk while enhancing the efficiency, integrity, and above all, the safety of your operations.

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