Operational Security That Improves Operational Efficiency

    Protect your people and your property more effectively. Digital Video Manager (DVM) is a smart, scalable video management system designed to deliver critical information to help you reduce risk and save valuable time.

    Efficient Operations Start With More Responsive Safety And Security​

    DVM helps you improve operational intelligence, better understand what you’re seeing in your facilities, and make more informed decisions.

    What’s New With Digital Video Manager R800

    Digital Video Manager For Your Buildings

    An agnostic solution to total integration

    Imagine being able to manage every building system in one place, using a universal set of tools and analytics. DVM helps you optimize efficiency, respond faster and improve the security of your facilities.

    • An open and secure video network platform
    • Seamless integration of all your building automation systems, IT subsystems, Healthy Buildings dashboards, and third-party operations through our Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI)
    • Integration with advanced third-party video analytics
    • A single view of all your camera interfaces and video feeds through Honeywell’s Command and Control Suite (CCS)

    Increase system reliability and integrity

    DVM helps you anticipate and prevent system failures that can lead to critical footage being compromised or lost

    • A secure, encrypted operating environment protecting data in transit and at rest
    • High-availability solutions with hot standby servers, recording redundancy and edge storage with backfill
    • Internal diagnostics to monitor system performance and assist with resolving issues quickly
    • Flexible recording server redundancy options with individual or pooled backup servers ensuring critical operations maintain access to video surveillance

    Optimize Your Oversight With Honeywell DVM Release 800

    The latest release updates your capabilities to achieve seamless integration, robust awareness and detailed insights through enhanced map-based visibility across your site. 

    Never Question The Software Your Building Depends On