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    Helping to Keep your building Healthy

    A Healthier Approach to Electrical Specification

    As we make our way back indoors, cleanliness and safety will be key factors in reassuring people that a building is safer. Building owners, operators and employers must reassess infrastructure and make the necessary investments to instil confidence amongst staff, customers and other users.

    Switches and sockets are some of the most frequently touched surfaces in a building and can provide opportunities for contagions to spread. Choosing products that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, alongside a robust cleaning regime, can help to reduce the risk of infections.


    Logic Plus and MK Base are manufactured from urea formaldehyde which has inherent antibacterial and antiviral properties within the compound. Thanks to high quality mould tools the products are also scratch- free, minimising surfaces for pathogens to hide, providing another way to help stop the spread of infections. Both ranges have been tested by an independently accredited laboratory to the latest standard ISO 22196:2011.

    Logic PlusTM renowned for quality and safety

    Tests show kill rates of OVER 99.99% against; Bacteria’s - MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Listeria and S.Aureus 6538p - which can be resistant to antibiotics. Virus – Phi-X174

    MK Base – perfect for prudent budgets

    Tests show kill rates of OVER 99% against; Bacteria’s – MRSA (99.98%), E.Coli (99.99%), Salmonella (99.98%), Klebsiella Pneumoniae (99.78%), Listeria (99.97%)and S.Aureus 6538p - which can be resistant to antibiotics (99.99%). Virus – Phi-X174 (99.99%)

    Virus - Phi - X174 - internationally recognised as the standard in anti-viral testing. It’s also one of the smallest known non-enveloped viruses and therefore harder to detect and kill.


    Prestige 3D Antibac Blue - Dado and skirting trunking

    A robust, PVCu, three compartment trunking system that contains a bactericide additive that runs throughout the product, meaning no loss of protection if the surface becomes scuffed or scratched. Install with Logic Plus wiring devices, with its inherent antimicrobial properties, for a complete antibacterial solution.

    Also tested by an independently accredited laboratory to the latest standard ISO 22196:2011. Results show kill rates of; Bacteria’s E.Coli (99.9%), Klesiella Pneumoniae (>99.9%), S.Aureus 6538p – which can be resistant to antibiotics (99.78%)

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