An ally in the battle against complexity

Increasing mandates, shrinking budgets, aging buildings — you’ve got a lot to do with fewer resources. We’ve helped government agencies around the world respond with smart solutions. We’re ready to help you.

A united front, from tackling budgets to cybersecurity

How do we help meet your cybersecurity, energy mandate and operating cost challenges? By using existing and emerging technologies to achieve greater visibility, measurement and performance. With integration, we can even enhance your resource resilience.
When Buildings Perform So Do Public Services

Help your public buildings improve essential operations. Honeywell solutions help keep people and places safe, improve the building experience and help support sustainability goals in more than 10 million buildings worldwide. Download our capabilities statement to see how we can help yours.

Building Sustainability

Sustainability is an operational imperative for governement agencies to reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions while becoming more resilient. Honeywell has ready-now solutions for your buildings that meet your sustainability goals while providing a great experience for occupants.

Cybersecurity for your OT Environment

Cybersecurity is mission critical for protecting your people, processes and technologies. As your systems become more and more connected, securing your operational technology (OT) environment is critical.

Our portfolio of cyber-secure solutions can inrease your cyber resililence – supporting uptime and mimizing financial costs of a cyber incident.

Smarter and More Resilient Cities

Reduce the time to deliver emergency services, improve the efficiency of urban mobility systems, integrate information across city departments and deploy energy efficient solutions to enhance citizen engagement with Honeywell’s solution suite for smart cities.

Energy and Carbon Reduction for Your Buildings

We have decades of experience helping government customers create tailored energy strategies - from large metropolitan cities to small towns – often funding upgrades with savings from future savings. Create better citizen experiences, become more resilient and meet your sustainability goals.

Your Results are Our Mission

Honeywell has worked closely with military installations globally to deliver some of the world’s most effective technologies and capabilities for comprehensive energy management and cost-reduction strategies.

Integrated Operations

Automate complex workflows; optimize energy use, safety and occupant experiences; and gain the analytical insights to deliver savings throughout your city operations with our Integrated Operations platform.


A sustainability approach that’s good for a city and a planet

We helped the local government of Dayton create an energy-efficient solution that reaped a reduction in carbon emissions equal to taking 650 cars off the road every year. And it will pay for itself in 10 years.