City buildings
    City buildings

    Make other buildings envious.

    What makes a building stand taller than the rest: How well data drives efficiencies? How fluently systems communicate? How safe people feel in it? Whatever your goal, we can help you reach it.

    Commercial buildings

    Turn your building into a highly profitable asset, whether you want to get more out of your current systems, tackle ambitious integration and data protection goals, or use analytics to drive greater performance throughout your facility.

    The connected, protected building

    Dream big about what’s possible for your building, from leveraging data to root out potential issues and drive unprecedented efficiencies to new products that automatically monitor the safety of your occupants and your data.

    Elevate the new office experience.

    Occupants expect a lot from their office building. Learn how to deliver an exceptional experience that pay dividends in your business. 

    Heighten your ability to protect everyone.

    Help protect people from fire and gas leaks with our flexible safety solutions. We also simplify emergency notifications. 

    Show hackers the door.

    Our cybersecurity experts can root out vulnerabilities in your systems and your data. We’ll put protections into place and monitor your building as new risks threaten to emerge. 

    Leave your toughest goals to the experts.

    Whether you’re focused on greater efficiency goals, tighter safety controls or meeting budget requirements, our consulting experts can help tackle your most complex issues.

    Consolidate all your building views.

    You have lots of assets and people to watch over. We can provide customized options that provide system-wide integration and video monitoring from a single screen.

    Put occupants in control.

    Let people control their experience with a multi-feature app that includes internal wayfinding, maintenance reporting and the ability to make comfort requests. 

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