Detector Test Equipment

    PIP-033 Condensate Drain Pipe

    PIP-033 Condensate Drain Pipes are passive element of the installation, which is mounted on the pipe using the PIP-008 tee


    The translucent pipe section is used to visually assess the accumulated condensate. The pipe ends with a plug, which, if necessary, is used to drain the collected water. The key element of the VESDA® aspirating system is undoubtedly the suction tube system, which actively transports air from the protected area to the detector. The VESADA® pneumatic installation can be designed for the most complex areas using a small number of molded parts that have been carefully selected to facilitate installation design. The use of these elements has a positive effect on the pneumatics of the installation, which translates into the legendary quality of VESDA® systems instances. The VESDA® pneumatic aspiration system is calculated with the ASPIRE ™ program . The program is used for modeling and 3D visualization of aspiration installations, calculation of hole diameters, class calculation in accordance with PN-EN-54-20 standard.

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