Make guests never want to leave

Guests expect an impeccable experience. Exceed their expectations with solutions focused on customization, convenience, safety and security. All while controlling your costs.

The competitive edge of integrated building systems

Whether you’re running a cruise ship, theme park or limited boutique hotel, we’ll help you integrate your building automation systems to provide amenities and surprises that set you apart.

Operational solutions, from the plant room to the guestroom

Building Management

Make your building do more

Buildings are more complex than ever, and hotels are no different. Access advanced automation and data analytics to run your building more efficiently.

Enterprise Buildings Manager

Get a smarter view of your operations

Help your building systems work together. With a single, integrated view, you can streamline operations and reduce critical incidents.


Keep your guests safe from fire

Fire is always a threat. We understand the challenges and have the technology to help improve response times and effectiveness on a limited budget.


Control and monitor access

Creating a secure environment is critical to any hospitality business. Protect your guests, employees and property from unauthorized access.

Managed Services

Call on our remote and on-site support

From remotely managing your building and energy management systems to providing on-site technical support, we’ll help you get the most out of your systems.


Untangle your toughest problems

Design and implementation are challenging for any project. We can simplify the process and identify solutions to get the most out of your budget.


Leverage data to make smarter decisions

Honeywell Forge helps you understand how your building is being used. It gathers building-wide datapoints to inform maintenance processes and other business decisions.