Lock in Energy and Carbon Reduction for Your Buildings

    Making buildings more sustainable and resilient has never been so important. Honeywell can help design an energy strategy for your facilities in alignment with your energy savings and carbon reduction goals that meets your budget parameters

    The Key to More Sustainable and Resilient Buildings

    Public and private buildings, from hospitals and schools to military installations and industrial facilities, can advance sustainability while enhancing resilience - with minimal investment and risk. Learn how Honeywell can help you upgrade your facilities to achieve energy and operational savings as well as support carbon reduction goals. By partnering with Honeywell you can work within your current budget parameters with an energy efficiency program that funds itself from the savings achieved.

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    Elevate Your Energy Strategy
    The global demand for energy is growing and buildings are a key contributor. Learn more about buildings' energy demand, opportunities for improving efficiency and the way forward.

    Building Sustainability At A Glance
    The global demand for energy is growing. Learn more about the role buildings play, key facts about energy resilience and sustainability, and 3 steps towards more efficient buildings.

    4 Ways Energy Service Companies Can Help
    Learn how energy service companies (ESCOs) like Honeywell can help develop a sustainable energy strategy tailored to your building portfolio’s specific needs.

    Honeywell & Redaptive Energy-As-A-Service
    Leverage complementary abilities and expertise to enable energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades for private-sector commercial buildings

    The Results Speak For Themselves

    TEVA Pharmaceuticals
    A leading generic pharmaceutical company is leveraging Honeywell’s Energy as a Service (EaaS) model to upgrade its facilities and support its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

    Sydney Opera House
    An iconic venue for performing arts is partnering with Honeywell to manage its energy and water use and make strides towards improving building performance while reducing carbon emissions.

    Military Installations
    For decades military installations around the world have worked with Honeywell to modernize their infrastructure while improving their energy management and site resilience.

    K-12 School District
    A U.S. school district located in a remote area prone to power shortages partnered with Honeywell to help build climate resilience while improving their learning environment for students and staff.

    Honeywell has guaranteed $9.2B in energy and operational cost savings via 3,400 projects for customers around the world, helping make sustainability goals and infrastructure upgrades financially feasible. Let’s talk about how to achieve success in your facilities. 

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