Drive Sustainable Outcomes for Your Building

    Gain insights to plan and track your sustainability goals. Monitor, control and optimize your building's performance to manage energy consumption and carbon impact.

    Buildings are vital to your sustainability strategy

    Whether your goal is compliance, savings, carbon reduction or increased return on investment, sustainability can be a competitive advantage when you have a way to turn siloed energy data into a strategy. Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings goes beyond identifying abnormalities and opportunities to enable users to take the actions needed to correct or stay on course. The platform’s advanced control capabilities enable customers to adjust building systems – either manually or autonomously – to manage energy use and carbon emissions.

    Monitor, control and optimize

    The Carbon and Energy packages of Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings are ready now to help customers address two pressing yet often conflicting objectives: optimizing indoor air quality and managing the environmental impact of buildings with the aim of improving carbon reduction goals.

    Monitor Energy Use and Emissions

    Gain insight into a building’s energy consumption and carbon emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions) at the asset, site and portfolio level.

    Control Building Assets

    Control equipment and schedules to enable adjustments before energy use escalates and gain clear energy and carbon emissions analysis through smart meters, sensors and utility data.

    Optimize for Energy and IAQ Goals

    Optimize HVAC equipment performance using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to meet desired energy consumption and IAQ goals.

    Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings Carbon and Energy Management

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