Get alerted to smoke before it’s even visible.


    We offer a wide array of detection systems to suit any building, budget and environment. We can also provide design, installation and service after the sale.



    Early detection of smoke means early response. Our VESDA-E detectors draw air into sensors 15X more sensitive than anything we’ve previously made.


    Smoke imaging detection

    Our highly trained staff can handle every aspect of the planning process, including, Technical Reviews, Air Sampling Detection, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Fire Alarm System Submittals.


    ONYX smoke detection 

    With ONYX, advanced software and specialty detectors join forces for mission-critical sensing far beyond typical smoke or gas detection.


    Dectection services 

    The Global Services design center provides design, training and support for Xtralis products, offering over 30 years of industry expertise.

    Featured brands


    Continuous air sampling provides an early warning of a fire hazard 

    Xtralis is a leader in early-warning smoke, fire and gas imaging and detection solutions, including VESDA aspirating smoke detectors.


    Early detection and notification helps prevent major damage and injury

    NOTIFIER by Honeywell combines hardware and software to transform system design, installation, monitoring and maintenance, resulting in early detection.

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