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    Check your Healthy Building Score

    According to various studies, having a healthy building has many benefits to organizations such as improved productivity, attracting and retaining talent and better occupant health.

    What is the Healthy Building Score?

    The Healthy Building Score gives buildings a rating between 1-5 stars, it represents a sub section of environmental variables and system capabilities of your Building Controls and Security systems.

    It provides a simple to understand score that assess the building from 3 pillars that helps towards providing a healthy building, Air Quality, Air Treatment and Safety & security. 

    Our 3 Pillars

    The Honeywell Healthy Building Score measures for the following pillars

    Air Quality

    What makes up the air in your building & How do you monitor it?

    Air Treatment

    How do you clean or filter the air in your building?

    Safety & Security

    What systems are in place to protect your employee's safety & Security

    Understand the Process

    A simple 3 step process to get your building assessed

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