• Enables precise and reliable performance along with fast and easy installation

    ATLANTA, November XX, 2019 – Honeywell Building Technologies (NYSE: HON), a global leader in connected buildings, announces the launch of its Diamond Actuator product line. The flexible Diamond Actuators provide precise and reliable performance as well as fast and easy installation.

    The Diamond Actuators feature a self-centering shaft adapter and 360-degree conduit connector which swivels for quick conduit installation at almost any angle. They also offer mounting flexibility and a greater clamping force. The actuators also feature common wiring and detachable access covers to allow direct wiring without a junction box.

    “We listened to installers and worked to create a product that would make their job easier while providing the reliable performance synonymous with Honeywell,” said Rusty Ekness, Business Development Director, Global Field Devices, Honeywell. “The Diamond Actuators are compact products designed to make installation easier while also meeting future needs.”

    Designed to meet a range of applications, the Diamond Actuators combine a high-quality product in a small size and competitive price. They are well suited for high-volume, low-torque applications such as rooftop units, economizers, compact control dampers and control valves. They also offer increased flexibility with select models available with or without the three-foot actuator whips.

    Key features of the Diamond Actuators include:

    • Simplified shaft adapter and integral conduit connector saves space and eliminates the need for additional tools or conduit connectors
    • Saves labor with fast test mode that reduces test time by 60 seconds; reduces 90 second day-to-day drive time to just 30 seconds
    • Accommodates most length, width and depth restrictions in a small but powerful form factor: 27lb-in (3 Nm) torque, 24Vac/24Vdc supply voltage

    The Diamond Actuators product line is designed to meet different job requirements and is backed by Honeywell’s five-year guarantee. Additional versions, including Sylk, two-position and Fire and Smoke, will be coming soon. Learn more about the Honeywell Diamond Actuators here.

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