Emergency Voice / Alarm Communications System

HMX-MP Master Panel

HMX-MP Master Panels are utilizes a Master Mic control with 16 switch control points along with a dual channel DMR and a high speed communication loop. They have easy installation and operation.


HMX-MP Master Panels have high speed communication loop. Maximum system configuration allows up to 1,000 switch/ input points, and an integrated fire phone is available as an option.

Features & Benefits:
  • Master Mic Control
  • 16 Switch Control Points
  • Dual Channel DMR and Audio Interface
  • High Speed Communication Loop
  • 25/50/100 Dual or Single Watt Amplifier (200W Single Channel optional), Dual/Single Amplification
  • Configuration for 4 or 8 Output Zones
  • Live Microphone Override of Message and Tone
  • Compatible High Reliability, No Maintenance, Fully Supervised
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Studio Quality Voice Recordings Built in Alarm and Alert Signals
  • UL Listed.


  • Product Type
    • Master Panel


  • Product Type
    • Master Panel
  • Product Type : Master Panel