Know it's safer, show it's safer

Reassuring building occupants that a building is safer and healthier is high on the agenda for building owners

Give occupants confidence your building is safer

Bringing people back to a safer and healthier working environment and keeping them confident and productive are part of a healthier building strategy. Adapting integrated security to provide monitoring, oversight and control of critical health, safety and security factors can help you sustain compliance, manage risk and gives you the information to show occupants transparently that your site is safer to use.




Anatomy of a Healthy Building: Safety & Security solutions to help you sustain compliance and create safer spaces.


Healthy Buildings Safety & Security solutions to get you back to business


Security industry veteran outlines top tips for a safer return to work

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Knowledge Articles

People Counting 

Use video analytics to obtain accurate occupancy levels, Honeywell can help address new concerns and improve compliance with new and changing regulations. 

Mask Detection &
Social Distancing

Advancements in video analytics have made it possible to determine if a person is wearing a mask—or even maintaining proper social distancing.

Thermal Screening 

Honeywell Security technologies can be used in a smarter way to help health safety and risk management solutions get you back to business—quickly and safely.

Frictionless Access Control

By integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth and Passive Infrared sensors (PIR), Honeywell can help create an access control system that is completely touch-free.

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Tailored solutions by experts

Honeywell provides a comprehensive offering of on-site and remote services that support our customers with trusted, proven solutions that protect and connect buildings, businesses and people.


Enterprise security solutions

Chosen by companies worldwide, Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite brings together video surveillance, access control and intrusion management on a single webbased interface to provide a complete ecosystem that meets all the security needs of your business.


Solutions for small to medium sized businesses

Our products and platforms are designed to provide highly scalable integrated security to suit any business need or requirement.

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