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    TALOS Multi-Functional QR Code and Bluetooth Readers

    The Talos Series Multi-Functional QR Code and Bluetooth Readers provide a flexible range of access control readers reading Bluetooth, NFC, high-frequency 13.56 MHz and low-frequency 125 kHz Prox credentials.


    Applying the popular QR code identification technology to the access control application, combined with the traditional RF technology and Bluetooth communication, the Talos Series Readers can be suitable for various application scenarios.

    The advantages of a reliable access control reader are retained. The readers are compatible with different card technologies and can be connected with various access control systems (Wiegand or OSDP).

    Honeywell TALOS readers come with and without PIN keypad, with preconfigured interface for Wiegand, Clock and Data , TTL and OSDP V2. The field programmable capabilities help to future-proof your investment.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Supports different Access Modes at the same time: scanning QR code, Bluetooth communication, RF card.
    • Supports Dynamic and Static QR Code:
    • Dynamic QR Code: a QR code can be generated by mobile App, which changes once every minute. If a user takes a photo of the QR code, it would be invalid after 10 minutes.
    • Static QR code: QR code can be sent to users by paper and photos and can be used within the validity period.
    • Adopts AES128 encryption to ensure security. A QR Code is generated after the user data is encrypted dynamically by AES128. User data includes card number, period of validity, customer code, end user code, etc.
    • Supports Wiegand and RS485 (OSDP V1, V2), and compatible with various controllers.
    • Support different card technologies: ISO14443/ ISO15693/ LEGIC/ HID& EM.
    • IP65 Outdoor rated.
    • Support on-site Reader Configuration Card to Reader parameters update.


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    TALOS Bluetooth Standard Keypad Reader, Mobile Card, Pro, Mifare, DESFIRE support, OSDPWiegand output.
    Bluetooth Programmer for HON-QRMSmark Software
    Bluetooth Activation Dongle for HON-QRMSmark Software, Control number of smart phone BTSmart software can authorize.
    TALOS QR Code Keypad Reader, Static QR Code reading, OSDPWiegand output.
    TALOS QR Code Reader, Static QR Code reading, OSDPWiegand output.
    TALOS QR Code Keypad Reader, StaticDynamic QR Code with Bluetooth mobile credential Support,OSDPWiegand output.
    TALOS QR Code Reader, StaticDynamic QR Code with Bluetooth mobile credential Support, OSDPWiegand output.
    TALOS Multi-function Keypad Reader, which can read EMHID 125KHz,readfull UID (56bits) of ISO14443A & ISO 15693 & iCLASS.Read staticand dynamic QR Code.ReadBluetooth mobile credential, OSDPWiegand output.