Emergency Voice / Alarm Communications System

    Zone Expander RK-ZONE8

    Zone Expander RK-ZONE8


    INTEVIO Zone Expander

    RK-ZONE8 is a zone extension device to expand the number of loudspeaker lines and interfaces on an INTEVIO system. The RK-ZONE8 provides interfaces for 16 loudspeaker lines corresponding

    to 8 zones), 8 dry contact inputs and 8 dry contact outputs. External power amplifiers must be connected to drive all the loudspeakers.


    RK-ZONE8 has 8 monitored contact inputs that can be linked with a fire alarm system to trigger alert and evacuation messages if a fire occurs. 1 line input is provided to connect with an internal audio source. RK-ZONE8 also has 8 contact outputs that can be used to activate external devices. It has 8 pairs of 100V speaker outputs where each one allows multiple loudspeakers to be connected in parallel. Two audio output ports for audio channel 1 and audio channel 2 can be used to connect with 3rd party power amplifiers or devices. One 24VDC output is provided to power external devices.

    Automatic fault diagnosis

    RK-ZONE8 has an automatic fault diagnosis function to monitor various types of fault such as main power, backup power, CPU, power amplifier, speaker circuits, dry contact inputs and communication line. All fault information is shown on the LED indicators on the front panel.

    All calls possible even if the Controller CPU fails

    In the event of a controller CPU malfunction, audio can still be delivered to all the local zones from an external source connected to the line input. This function can reduce potential system downtime and ensures operation in the event of emergency.

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    Zone Expander for INTEVIO PA System ,CHINA