Multi-Criteria Sensors

    System Sensor Linear Heat Detector

    System Sensor 800 series is a digital linear heat detectors and 900 series analogue linear heat detectors offer early detection of fire and overheating conditions in industrial high risk hazards as well as many types of commercial applications.


    Linear Heat Detectors are continuous heat detector in the form of a cable. It can detect heat at any points along its entire length. The cable is composed of two twisted shield conductors insulated with a heat sensitive polymer, then wrapped with a protective tape and finished with an outer covering. Linear Heat Detection Cable is available in resettable and non-resettable technology. The non-resettable cable is described as Digital and the resettable as Analogue.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Multiple configurations for installations:
    • Digital type of LHD cables
    • Analogue type of LHD cables
    • Multiple alarm temperature ratings available for both digital and analogue type
    • Resettable temperature up to 120C
    • Selectable alarm temperature threshold programmed before shipping
    • Compatible with any conventional or intelligent fire alarm panel
    • Smoothing algorithms provide false alarm immunity