UNP Bundle Mass Notification Ecosystem

    UNP Bundle Mass Notification Ecosystems are the mass communication capabilities of existing assets to add notification layers including personal computers, mobile devices


    UNP Bundle Mass Notification Ecosystems are unified Mass Notification Ecosystem that allows fire and life safety professionals to leverage a variety of notification assets, getting the right message to the right people in the shortest amount of time. As the most scalable and feature-rich notification solution on the market, UNP integrates with several IP-based endpoints and communication systems, enabling rapid alerting to more effectively inform and protect people located on premise or off-premise. Notifications can be launched through remote activation, leverages personal alert/notification via mobile devices, real-time situational awareness and decision-making. Fire and life safety professionals need to expedite the activation and broadcast of emergency messages to the affected group through a multi-layered approach in the shortest amount of time. UNP allows you to send critical notifications to alert the correct group by efficient means through a variety of mass notification networking options. UNP improves network-wide communication, security, emergency responsiveness, and productivity across your organization

    Features & Benefits:
    • Cost-Effective, Multi-Channel Notification
    • Scalable and Flexible
    • Integrates and automates previously siloed systems to provide consistent emergency messages
    • Single web-based console to disseminate messages
    • Able to meet a wide variety of organizational requirements
    • Integrates with a wide variety of on premise systems
    • Allows for different levels of authorization
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