Coworkers walking and using bicycle on office's lobby - with face mask
    Coworkers walking and using bicycle on office's lobby - with face mask

    Breathe easier about your building

    Effective filtration is essential for air quality to help reduce pollutants, microbes and particles in recirculated and outside air.

    Improve your filtration

    Controlling bacteria, pollen, pollutants and other contaminants can be done with proper filtration. Find out how our electronic air cleaners help remove and clean airborne particles.

    Technical resource 

    Download our technical reference guide on Air Quality for healthy buildings

    See what you can do 

    As we all adjust to new air quality concerns, you can take tangible steps to ensure business continuity and help your building thrive in any future.

    Anatomy of a Healthy Building: Air Quality 

    View this on-demand webinar where our experts will explore technologies that can be used to improve air quality including considerations for retrofits and new use cases.

    UV light - Coil Cleaning

    UV light installed at the HVAC coils can deactivate biological contaminants growing on cooling coils and help mitigate the spread to the building. UV lights provide cleaner coils to improve the energy efficiency for better coil heat transfer.

    Electronic air cleaners

    EACs remove airborne particulate matter like smoke, dust, pollen and dander for overall cleaner air. EACs will filter all recirculating air to prevent particles from being redirected to other zones.

    EAC + UV-C

    EACs trap particles while UV lighting helps eliminate any attached pathogens to improve indoor air quality. The unit provides better air quality for both the incoming outside air and return air to give occupant confidence in the building experience.

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