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Make indoor air quality a key performance indicator

Media air cleaners

Better indoor air quality for you and your occupants

Controlling bacteria, pollen, pollutants and other contaminants can be done with proper filtration. Find out how our electronic air cleaners help remove and clean airborne particles.


Air cleaning

No need to retrofit HVAC systems for high efficiency air cleaning of particles, gas, odors, VOCs, etc.

Independently operated 

Operates independently and reduces demands on HVAC systems.

Continuous filtration

Steady-state air changes per hour, does not cycle with HVAC.

Temperature control

Reduces BTU loads associated with larger amounts of outside air.

Reduce cost

Lowers initial cost of ventilation system, on-going energy costs and maintenance.

Proper circulation

Designed to provide proper room air circulation to ensure uniform filtration within the space.

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Electronic air cleaners can provide better air quality for you and your occupants. Request more information for Honeywell's EACs.

Data Sheet | F111 (Series 3) In Ceiling Media Air Cleaner
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