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    IQ8Wireless universal interface w/o cover

    IQ8Wireless universal interface w/o cover


    The radio interface allows the IQ8MCP (small or large design) to be connected on the wireless esserbus-PLus.

    The radio interface connects the intelligent IQ8MCP to the esserbus/powered loop via the IQ8Wireless transponder or the IQ8Wireless gateway. Thus, the devices are automatically converted into individually addressable loop devices.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Radio interface suitable for:
    • IQ8MCP - electronic module, large design (Part No. 804905/ 804906)
    • IQ8MCP – complete package, small design (Part No. 804971)
    • IQ8MCP - electronic module, small design (Part No. 804955), only with mounting frame (Part No. 704967)
    • IQ8Quad detectors (with and without alarm signaling devices)
    • IQ8Alarm Plus alarm signaling device
    • Radio interface features:
    • The IQ8 components are individually identified on the FACP
    • Regular functionality performance checks of IQ8 components
    • Fault signal when the IQ8 components are removed from the FACP
    • Operating mode display directly at the IQ8 manual call point and IQ8Quad detector
    • Alarm and fault message transmission in compliance with EN 54-2
    • Easy detector removal and battery replacement using multi-functional key
    • Remote operation of IQ8 components possible (max. 3 meters) via 2-wire line
    • Constant battery status monitoring
    • Early battery replacement notification at the FACP
    • EN 54-18:2005/-25:2008