I/O Modules

Alerton Ascent Expansion Module (AXM)

I/O expansion module for the ACM with ACM-DR- VLX


The versatile ACM/AXM configuration is the ideal choice for applications that put a premium on versatility, reliability, and performance-large air handling units, central plant systems, motor control centers, and other applications with numerous, interdependent control points. Designed as a high-density direct replacement for EXP modules.

Features & Benefits:
  • Scalable: Combine up to 8 AXM modules with a single ACM to create versatile control solutions.
  • Versatile: Onboard HandOff-Auto (H-O-A) switches and potentiometers enable manual override of outputs. Binary triac outputs and analog outputs are designed for complex applications.
  • Accurate:12-bit universal inputs accept a variety of industry standard inputs, enabling wide application flexibility.