Fire Alarm Control Panels

    BFT3000 Fire Protection Table

    Notifier's fire protection tables are well-designed tables, developed to simplify the operation of the fire alarm system. It can be used in network facilities, stand-alone facilities. It can silence / restart alarms, reset fire and fault alarm.


    Notifier by Honeywell's BFT3000 fire protection tables are well-designed fire protection tables that have been developed to simplify and clarify the operation of the fire alarm system. The fire protection table forms an interface between the system and the user (the facility manager, the rescue service or technician), it represents the fire alarm system main point. BFT3000 must be used at the property's point of attack, i.e. the place where the rescue service arrives in the event of an alarm. The BFT3000 table is intended to be connected to the Notifier by Honeywells addressable fire alarm centers ID3000 and PEARL via control panel RS 485 communication card.

    The fire protection table can be used in both network facilities and in stand-alone facilities, up to 32 units can be used in one and the same network. From BFT3000 you can silence / restart alarms, reset fire and fault alarm, the table shows in the display if there are active disconnections or fault alarms in the system. BFT3000 also provides the ability to send ESPA 4.4.4 protocols from the fire alarm system to alarm transmitters or others real estate system. Fire alarm is presented in the display with section number, loop number, alarm address and central number. Eventual plain text information is presented if it is entered in the system.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Easy operation
    • Multilingual
    • Plain text display
    • Elegant design
    • Possibility to send ESPA 4.4.4
    • Numeric keyboard
    • Approved according to EN 54-2 & SS3652


    • Brand
      • Eltek


    • Brand
      • Eltek
    • Brand : Eltek
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    Fire Protection Table, 21-30V DC, RS485, 0 to +50C, IP45