Fire Alarm Control Panels

    FACP IQ8Control M

    THe FACP IQ8Control M is a loop technology fire alarm and control panel designed to monitor and alarm medium to large sized premises.


    IQ8Control M fire panels are high-tech control panels for medium-sized objects. The panel has effective fire prevention with the highest degree of flexibility and safety for medium-sized objects with several floors (up to 512 detectors) such as office buildings, industrial properties and hotels etc. IQ8Control M allows implementation of a maximum of 7 esserbus loops or 6 powered loops. The esserbus transponders are bus devices with freely programmable inputs and outputs for controlling and monitoring external devices or for connecting special detectors. The esserbus is a short and open circuit resilient loop, offering highest operational reliability as well as cost saving installation options on account of reduced wiring through combined loop and spur topologies.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Max. 7/6 esserbus / esserbus PLus analog loop modules for total up to 889/762 loop devices
    • Operating modes TM and PM according to DIN VDE 0833-2 to avoid false alarms
    • Fire brigade operating panel and alarm transmission unit interface on the peripheral module
    • Three common relays, freely programmable, monitored, floating for up to 24 V DC/1A (on the peripheral module)
    • TTY or RS 485, RS 232 interface
    • Integration in the short and open circuit resistant essernet network with up to 31 fire detection panels
    • Connection to graphical supervisor FlexES Guard/WINMAG via serial essernet interface (SEI)
    • Operating panel with alphanumerical display
    • Event memory for up to 10,000 events
    • All System 8000 micromodules are compatible
    • Printer interface for internal printer
    • Two batteries with monitoring circuit
    • Monitored input for external power supply unit
    • Degraded mode for monitored areas up to 48,000 m² or more than 512 fire detectors
    • VdS
    • BOSEC
    • NF-SSI
    • EN-54


    • Brand
      • Esser


    • Brand
      • Esser
    • Brand : Esser
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    Supervisor-0: 1 year software maintenance
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