Fire Alarm Control Panels

    Fire Door Control Unit RZ-24-FA

    Fire Door Control Unit RZ-24-FA


    Short-circuit proof power supply with detector group input, control output for locking devices and stabilized output voltage for use in locking systems according to DIBt. A potential-free changeover contact is available for control tasks.

    Stand-alone operation and integration into a fire alarm system via an alarm coupler or IQ8FCT XS possible

    Features & Benefits:
    • Connection of IQ8Quad O-detectors (Art.-No 803371), TD-detectors (Art.-No 803271) and O²T-detectors (Art.-No 803374) DIBt-approved as FSA-detectors
    • Automatic detector connectable to the integrated detector group
    • Built-in trigger button
    • Operation and fire alarm indicator
    • Reset button
    • Integrated buzzer and buzzer from button
    • Integration of the fire/ release alarm in a fire alarm system via the potential-free changeover contact and alarm coupler 808623 or IQ8FCT XS 808606
    • Activation of the locking device also possible by the automatic fire detectors of a BMA in non-FSA mode via coupler output