Interface Cards

Graphic Monitoring System Software

Silent Knight Graphic Monitoring System Software used to monitor up to 16 IFP-Series control panels (nodes) with accessories.


The Silent Knight Graphic Monitoring System Software package that provides the components necessary to convert an IBM®-compatible PC (see PC requirements) into a graphical monitoring centre. IFP-NET is an intuitive, easy to use, custom graphics annunciator compatible with all of the Farenhyt IFP-series fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and their accessories. The IFP-Net runs on a standard PC workstation and Microsoft® Windows® 2000. To communicate with the Fire System Manager computer, each panel must use a NION. NIONs communicate via an IFPN-PCLTA20 card that is installed in the Fire System Manager computer.

Features & Benefits:
  • System Administrator-definable profiles allow for an extremely flexible definition of Operator accounts
  • Plug-in architecture
  • Event printing from the workstation or on the network
  • Auto navigation (selectable for each device) Automatically locates and zooms to the device related to an alarm or event, based on the priority of the event
  • Utilizes existing building drawings exported to .wmf or .bmp formats
  • Dynamically generated sizeable keymap linked to the main screen
  • Operator log with response tracking
  • History Manager records operator, event, and response (with time and date stamp) to disk
  • Powerful search filters for custom reporting of all events
  • Screen database with screens for all sites
  • Administrator-definable macros for device communication
  • Definable function keys, functional buttons, and navigational buttons
  • Floor plans can be zoomed in and out to any level
  • Labelling of hazardous material (HAZMAT) areas and handicap special needs using information labels with full linked multimedia