Housings & Hardware

Network Controller and Display

A NCD provides an enhanced 10" high definition color touchscreen and user-friendly functionality for system wide network management.


The Network Control Display (NCD) is the next generation of network control annunciators for NOTIFIER Systems. With a new modern contemporary design, the NCD meets today's building aesthetic needs. The intuitive color 10” touch screen provides color coded information of detailed system status and point information.

The NCD is compatible with NOTIFIER INSPIRE and ONYX Series nodes such as the INSPIRE N16e/x FACPs, ACM-30 annunciator and RLD remote display as well as the ONYX NFS2-3030, NFS2-640, and NFS-320 FACPs. The NCD provides system control and display capabilities for selected or all network nodes, with updated display features to match building aesthetics and user security requirements.

The NCD can be used as the primary display for for control and status capabilities on a displayless node via Direct Connect. When connected to one or more networked panels the NCD provides network control and status display capabilities.

Features & Benefits:
  • Quick identification of event information
  • Interactive Summary Event Count Display
  • Intuitive user guidance program
  • Environmental adjustment controls to maximize LCD legibility
  • Full supervision of all inputs and network integrity
  • History Buffer (10,000 events, 3000 displayed) with history filters for report displaying
  • Up to 50 unique users and 5 different user levels
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • UL 864 10th Edition Listed : S635
  • FM Approved
  • CSFM Approved : 7165-0028:0516
  • FDNY Approved : COA#001761