Honeywell Alarm Control Card

Alarm Control Cards monitors through reversal of their polarity, are mainly utilized to control actuators. The card is suitable for use in systems that include devices conforming to the NFPA standards, where it can activate the alarm sounders.


Honeywell Alarm Control Card periodically performs the test on the single channels by inverting the output signal for a duration of about 200 microseconds. In case of discrepancy between the configured signal and read signal, the station signals a fault situation. For each single output, the following situations are checked: Line opening, Short-circuit towards positive, Short-circuit towards negative, pilot DMOS device fault, pilot DMOS device overheating, Supply voltage out of admitted limits. All the channels are tested during operation every 2 seconds.

Features & Benefits:
  • Line monitoring through polarity reversal
  • Outputs activated in both steady and pulsing mode
  • Can be hot-swapped
  • Non redundant
  • Temperature testing of DMOS and electronic components
  • Software-configurable operating mode
  • Communication management by FPGA
  • Internal logic management by micro-controller
  • SMD technology multilayer circuit
  • Front plug-in on 19'' rack, with locking screws
  • EN 12094-1:2003
  • CE Approved
  • UL certified