Honeywell Projecton Loudspeaker

    Honeywell Projection Loudspeaker With Fire, Water Resistent ABS Enclosure, Unobtrusive Design, Fnished In A Discreet white Colour And Its Innovative Design, Combined With The Strong Front ABS


    The L-PJP20A is a 20 W unidirectional loudspeaker with a sturdy aluminium enclosure. It is finished in a discreet white colour and its innovative design, combined with the strong front ABS, offers an appealing, anti-rust aesthetic. The multi-purpose cone enables the loudspeaker to deliver high-quality sounds and excellent music reproduction.

    Equipped with high-linearity, anti-fatigue rubber, the bass audio performance is distortion-free due to prolonged low frequency operation. The projection design is intended for use in public address applications such as corridors, shopping aisles, etc., and the sound projector has provision inside for mounting an optional line/loudspeaker supervision board. It is both UL60065 and RoHS compliant.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Multi-Purpose cone speaker that ensures powerful and intelligible audio performance
    • Stylish and unobtrusive design
    • High-impact, fire-resistant ABS enclosure
    • Completely water resistant
    • Easy installation and cost effective
    • UL60065 and RoHS compliant
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