When your systems work together, your teams can too

    Integrating building systems with Command and Control Suite means improved operational response and reduced risk of business interruption.

    Get clearer answers with a single-view solution

    Our Command and Control Suite (CCS) brings all your building systems together in one place, so you can manage them on a single view anytime, even remotely. This overview lets you:

    • Coordinate maintenance
    • Minimize downtime
    • Respond to incidents faster and more effectively
    • Manage people, technology and processes

    Enhance productivity and situational awareness

    Integrating your systems with CCS puts information at your fingertips, providing:

    • Increased productivity
    • Lower operational and energy costs
    • Greater situational awareness
    • Enhanced safety
    • A reduced risk of disrupting your business

    Respond fast with an intuitive map-driven interface

    CCS displays map-based information on tablets, computer monitors and wall-sized touch screens. Fast, intuitive displays provide on-screen access not only to security video and enterprise dashboards, but to documents, drawings, procedures and other relevant information people may need quickly.

    The system can also alert operators, managers, first responders, incident controllers and mobile staff to issues or emergencies, and helps them follow standard operating procedures (SOPs).

    Smart objects and cameras give you complete control

    Operators can pan and zoom to see the entire facility and surrounding area, while smart objects on the screen show device status, in-view videos and links to system details.

    Cameras, door locks and temperature can be controlled from the map view, allowing a fast, coordinated and collaborative response.

    Actionable data leads to more-informed decisions

    When you have the data you need, where and when you need it, you make better-informed decisions. Intelligent visualizations of real-time and historical operational data let you optimize performance and control costs. Open systems support a full range of standard protocols, devices and interfaces, so the solution adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

    Eliminate information silos to drive collaboration

    The CCS ecosystem of people, technology and processes gives you actionable insights to better manage your facilities. Managing multiple facilities’ systems in one place gives you insight and control for more efficient event investigation and diagnosis.

    CCS is designed for large-scale solutions, enabling all your systems to work together to increase comfort, safety and efficiency. Find out how it can enhance your buildings.

    Our suite of applications includes:

    Honeywell Command and Control Suite R310

    Smart maps get smarter. 

    • GIS map integration with Google MapsTM, Microsoft Bing MapsTM, and OpenStreetMapTM
    • Supports smart city and campus maps as well as off-line maps

    An enhanced command console allows improved window control, faster operator respose, and full access to EBI menus.

    Make better and faster decisions and reduce engineering time with an updated rules engine.

    Honeywell Command Console

    Designed for 24/7 security and control room operations, Command Console is optimized for multi-window and multi- monitor configurations. Digital Video Manager and video walls can be integrated to further enhance security and improve situational awareness across facilities. The system enables you to set priorities and manage incident responses with SOPs. And you’ll gain detailed insight by accessing integrated systems.

    Designed for:

    • Engineers
    • Facility operators
    • Security operators
    Honeywell Command Wall

    Collaboration and incident response tools on 60- to 90-inch touch screens effectively coordinate responses such as evacuations. The intuitive interface also makes it simpler to reprioritize and reassign daily and critical tasks.

    Designed for:

    • Emergency personnel
    • Engineering teams
    • Executive management
    • First response teams
    Honeywell Command Station

    Get an overview of events — including CCS maps, workflows, EBI data and other essential information — virtually anytime, anywhere. Designed to help you coordinate maintenance, deploy staff and respond to incidents, and to give on-site technicians system access. Installs on WindowsTM-based tablets, laptops and single-monitor desktops, or is accessible by web browser on nearly any device.

    Designed for:

    • Department managers
    • Facility managers
    • Facility personnel
    • Lab technicians
    • Operations directors
    • Service technicians